One to Ones, School sessions and Church Workshops

Inspiring expression via movement is Bethan’s passion

Classes can take place online or in person where appropriate.

One to One

Interested in improving your dance technique? Bethan offers one to one tuition to challenge and inspire different aspects of dance. From ballet and jazz technique to expression through movement.

Bethan is extremely committed in getting to know her students’ goals. However big or small their ambitions may be, they are always important. It is vital for both student and teacher to be excited for the enjoyment and growth to come!

School Sessions

Learn, grow and be inspired together with a group dance lesson. Bethan is trained to lead dance workshops for children from ages 4 and up.

Dance sessions can be delivered in correlation to an educational theme or subject studied at school. With the incorporation of dance and physical expression, traditional academic boundaries are expanded and students are given new tools and ideas to take away from Bethan’s sessions.

Church workshops

Dance is an amazing way to express ourselves and engage with worship. Bethan offers workshops to inspire and engage congregations across the UK.

As Church has been a major part of Bethan’s life growing up, she wants to share the importance of creativity and free expression in this environment.

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